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Version: 1.0.1

THORSwap SwapKit API

The THORSwap SwapKit API, is a cutting-edge discovery and routing API, at the core of the THORSwap Aggregator. Its job is to identify the best route for your trade and build the transaction for you. While developers can use the API directly, we encourage third parties to use the SwapKit SDK to simplify integration and abstract complexity.

Liquidity sources

Thorchain: AVAX, BCH, BNB, BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, ATOM and some ERC20 tokens

Ethereum: 1inch, 0x, UniswapV2, UniswapV3, SushiSwap, KyberNetwork Avalanche: Pangolin, TraderJoe, 1inch, KyberNetwork

By default all providers are queried to return the best quote for the user.